Digital Success

Staying Ahead in Excellence.

We’re all about automation! We’ve harnessed the power of cutting-edge automated systems to make your marketing efforts incredibly efficient and effective. From engaging with hashtags to connecting with influencers, our automation tools do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Our team is Al-hyped, and by that, we mean we’re passionate about the latest in marketing technology. We stay at the forefront of industry trends and use AI-driven solutions to drive results for your software business. When you work with us, you’re getting the best of what’s out there.

Fueling  Growth

Strategic. Efficient. Converting.

Campaign Creation

Types, Goals, and Objectives.

Audience Targeting

Demographics, Behaviors, Location, Activities, and More.

Maintain Budget

Bidding, Amount, Platforms

Ad Creation

Graphics, Messaging, CTA, Formatting, and more.

Page Management

Accounts, Assets, Back-end Settings.

Data driven

we can analyze each campaign to determine the upcoming strategy.


Our team writes valuable content for your website, blogs, social media, emails,  and more.


We curate graphics for website banners, social media posts, social profiles, advertising, and more.


We develop seamless websites and promotional emails for e-commerce and service-based companies.

Expand Reach with Precise Audience Targeting.

Our team will build your advertising campaigns and manage them by strategically analyzing, researching, and implimenting.

We instantly hand over processes
and built-in calendars.

Obtainable Marketing .

Industry Standard Practices.

System That Works.

Promotional Emails

Fortune is in the follow up. Using the right strategies we will broadcast newsletters, promotions, and webinars.

Outreach Emails

Capture, Nurture, and Close leads using one platform to automatically follow up on each lead instantly.

Landing Pages

 This gives you the ability to cater to your audience with paid advertising, improve SEO, and build funnels.

Wordpress Website

We build and host a secure website for your company. Make your process fully functional for you and the customer.

Social Media

Attract and retain users in your community and stay top of mind while creating traffic to your website.

Blogs and eBooks

Create valuable content for your audience. Use this content is great for your website, landing pages, campaigns, and more.

Facebook Advertising

We integrate technical strategies into everything we do. Right away we analyze your goals.

Google Advertising

This will ensure that your brand stays front and center as your target audience. We will create the lead generation campaign to bring in warm leads.

Customer Reviews

When you take a look at what we offer, it may seem complex. We provide you with everything your team needs to be succesful. Quartz Digital Marketing is made of copywriters, developers and designers to complete each variety of tasks. We use the right tools to make sure work is done using best practices.

Quartz Digital Marketing is amazing and has really accelerated our lead generation and sales. We contracted with Quartz a month ago, shortly after launching our consulting company, Axiom Business Strategies. Since that time, we have seen a huge jump in our number of leads, and have converted several of them into clients with long term, lucrative contracts! The Quartz Team is dedicated and super responsive, and are helping us build our business faster than we ever could have ourselves. I highly recommend Quartz Digital Marketing to anyone looking to reach new and more customers and achieve success, they are incredible teammates!
Bob Wilson

Excellent services!! Heart led business and very personable! She has helped our juice bar to be up to date with our services. On top of her great product and professional services, she has a positive attitude which goes very far in my book! It adds so much value to her services!! Thank you for always being there for us.
Ninja Nicky

Denai takes a personal, consultative and very calculated & holistic approach when tasked with Marketing from A-Z. She always asks & more importantly listens to the feedback and makes an idea tangible. Truly a pleasure to work with; already going to have her take over my entire Marketing. One thing that stands out is her ability to collaborate effectively when a brainstorming session turns into a new service or product to drive revenue; Denai is highly proficient is this area, take my word for it.
Parker Whitehead


How do you plan for success?

We use industry standard KPI’s and advanced analytics to determine our success. We look at open rates, click rates, engagement, and more. We are able to set the direction by looking at the numbers after a week or longer.

How do you create a scope of work?

Our approach starts with gathering the assets and taking a look at current campaigns and channels. After we analyze the platforms then we will create a strategy to optimize and scale.

How do you curate content for business?

Our business is a reflection of your business. We take a look at your brand and business and take the messaging even further. We create multiple touchpoints across the web to attract the right audience by looking at the products and services you sell and the overall culture of your business.

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