Welcome to Quartz Digital Marketing

Cheers to much future success.

Step 1:
Slack Invitation

Keep an eye on your inbox for an email invitation to join our dedicated Slack channel. This will be your primary hub for real-time communication with our team.

Step 2:
Management Email

Stay alert for another email from us, which will contain instructions on how to onboard onto our project management system, Monday.com. This platform will help you manage project details and tasks effectively.

Meet Your Success Manager

Your account manager is your dedicated partner in achieving success.
They play a crucial role in bridging communication and fostering collaboration
among all stakeholders involved. Whether it’s tasks, insights, requests, or
essential resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager.
We are all part of the same team, working harmoniously to realize your objectives.

Feel free to contact them via email at denai@quartzdigitalmarketing.com for any
assistance or inquiries you may have.


Refer to the provided schedule of deadlines and milestones for your projects. Clear communication of deadlines is crucial for project success.

Asset Requests

Submit your company assets, such as logos, images, and content, through our asset request form here.

Account Access

If social media management is part of the scope, provide access to your social media accounts following our access request process.

Approval Process

Review and approve content before it is published. Our team will guide you through the approval process.