Bundle and Save Marketing Services



As much as we like to think we know how to do everything 100% perfectly to your liking, we know this is a collaborative effort. We will need your insight, input, and any feedback you have. We specialize in digital marketing and our team will do our best to understand your exact needs and audience, however, it takes both parties to finish the services provided. Roadblocks that occur are from a lack of information given, not enough branding assets provided, and not enough communication about the end goal. We will work with your team endlessly to make sure your project is up to par.


Begin of Service

Each service requires payment in whole or part before we begin. If chosen to work in milestones, payments will be 50/25/25. Our agency will not begin work until there is a scope of work that is signed, the contract is signed, and the invoice is paid for in whole or partially. If the client is unsatisfied with the work, we will do our best to meet a resolution as an experienced and professional team. It takes many moving parts to create a massive return on investment, since we create content and are platform experts, we are committed to reaching your goals through strategies we know work to make your online presence up to par technically on the back-end and front-end of the platforms used.


No Refunds are Available. Due to the nature of the work, we can not offer refunds once user has paid.

Cancellation Fee

If you wish to cancel, send notice to denai@quartzdigitalmarketing.com within 15 days of invoice due date. There will be a cancellation fee if user ends the contract early. The fee will be the same cost as the service requested.