Automated Email Campaign


Fortune is in the follow-up and sometimes it takes a representative to follow up on a certain campaign. Since there are always campaigns, its good to automate the follow-up emails. This is your solution to a fully automated sales process.

How It Works:

  • This is personal email workflows from business reps
  • Email responses are based off user activities
  • Goal is a form fill out or interaction with the email
  • Review active users and reach out to close a deal

Automate the sales process, QDM will build out communication workflows so that all leads automatically follow the pipeline.
This is how the workflow looks:

Prospect Opened Email

  • Drip Email 1
  • Drip Email 2
  • Drip Email 3

Prospect Clicked Email

  • Drip Email 1
  • Drip Email 2
  • Drip Email 3

Prospect Did Not Open Email

  • Drip Email 1
  • Drip Email 2
  • Drip Email 3

Considerations from the start:

  • Create custom fields
  • Stages of users in the database
  • Define KPIs
  • Value Content
  • Analyze Reporting
  • Sync errors
  • Number of people to website
  • Number of people booking demos
  • Ideas

Assets we will gather:

  • Broadcasting System
  • CRM System
  • Gather Assets
  • Contact Information
  • Supporting Content
  • Review Existing
  • Identify New Content
  • Segmentation
  • Tags
  • Scoring
  • Products
  • Services
  • Taglines
  • Headlines
  • Promo/Pricing

Marketing Email Strategy contains:

  • Define Weekly Promotion
  • Create Banner Creative
  • Finalize Copywriting
  • Add Call to Action
  • Developer will Build Email
  • Client Reviews Email
  • Broadcast/Schedule Email

Why choose Quartz Digital Marketing

QDM promotes your business using multiple touch points online. We have a team to reach your exact goals.