Facebook Advertising Campaign


Get started on the business manager facebook platform and professionally run campaigns to bring in marketing-qualified leads.  Choose the audience within a specific location, by interest, and behavior. We will learn exactly who your audience is and nurture them to gain interest in your business.

Steady flow of leads with a minimum of 5 leads a week. Each day we look at the results to see where we need to optimize. We will use a/b testing to see what works and move forward to gain the best results.
  • Research company, products, and services.
  • Create campaigns based on company needs.
  • Send collateral for review with client.
  • Update or Run Campaigns.
  • After a one day grace period view results.
  • Review and Optimize Results.
  • Send weekly Reports
What is included:
  • Set up Business Page/Analyze Existing
  • Set up Billing
  • Set up Ad Account
  • Set up Pixel
  • Assign Admins
  • Create Custom Audience
  • Create Custom Targeting
  • Create 1 Ad per location
  • Create Copy
  • Create Form
  • Design Landing page
  • Update Ad Copy*
  • Create Additional Ads*
  • Add additional locations
  • Weekly Reports
  • Management of Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Target Audience
  • Report Weekly
  • Account Maintenance
  • (1) Campaign with Two (2) Ad Sets (6 ads)
  • Graphics Copy for Ads
  • A/B Testing

Why choose Quartz Digital Marketing

QDM promotes your business using multiple touch points online. We have a team to reach your exact goals.