Promotional Email Campaign


Don’t let your new prospects go to waste. Stay in constant communication with the prospects in your database.  Nurture your leads, build awareness, and convert through successful email marketing.

QDM will build, develop, and deploy four promotional emails to your database. These emails are designed to be deployed out of an email broadcasting system. Your products will be aware of your business service or product offered and how to set up a consultation.

Journey of the user:

  1. User will receive the email promotion
  2. A call to action will lead them to a landing page
  3. Prospect will fill out information for a consultation
  4. The owner will follow up on the prospect and update the status in the CRM


  • Broadcast emails featuring products and services
  • Simple and bottom-line emails about important topics
  • Reporting 48 hours after each campaign

What is included in the email:

  • Creative banners
  • An email copy on a specific topic
  • 2-3 sentences on who the business is
    – We don’t use phrases (welcome, love this, and excited)
    – Start most lines with the name of the company
  • Top 3 features on what is offered
  • Why they should choose that company
  • How to contact the company
  • Direct them to a landing page

Steps to broadcast:

  • Create collateral
  • Send in for review
  • Build email in the platform
  • Determine the audience
  • Send in for review
  • Broadcast/Schedule

Why choose Quartz Digital Marketing

QDM promotes your business using multiple touch points online. We have a team to reach your exact goals.