Social Media Management


We have processes in place to make publishing a possible task. As we make connections, we will have eyes on your online presence. Quartz Digital Marketing will create and post to your main social media platforms.  Fresh and new posts weekly. Be present on the feed and story each week.

Social Media is constantly changing to become more value-based.
Companies are striving to give their audience

  • 3 times a week we will post – 1 Feed + 1 Story
  • Create Content for Copywriting + Graphics
  • Maintain Community Presence
  • Blogging

Why you should be present on social media:

  • Tell a brand story
  • Be active in the community
  • Build product trust

Weekly Task:

– Broadcast to platforms
– Comment and Like similar accounts/followers

How to create a social post:

Step 1 – Choose a Topic on either product, an additional feature, news, event, blog, etc
Step 2 – Write 1-2 sentences on how it can benefit them + CTA + Landing page link
Step 3 – Upload graphic (Feed 1200×1200 and Story 1080 x 1920) depending on platform
Step 4- Post or Schedule Post

Report weekly using reporting tools and defined KPIs.

Organic Community Development

Twitter and Instagram, in particular, depend on identifying and following accounts in order to gain followers in return.

Some strategies for developing communities organically include:

  • Posting relevant original and curated content to increase engagement
  • Liking, commenting on, retweeting and favoriting posts of desired or current followers
  • Conducting follow/unfollow campaigns
  • Participating in relevant Twitter chats
  • Including high-quality images in all posts
  • Reposting user-generated content and tagging users


Why choose Quartz Digital Marketing

QDM promotes your business using multiple touch points online. We have a team to reach your exact goals.