What is a sales funnel for restaurant owners?

A sales funnel is the process by which customers find you, buy from you, then come back for more.

In a nut shell…
🎯 The goal is to always attract new customers.
πŸ”ˆ Inform them about your restaurant and send promotions.
βœ… Then customers place an order from you online or at the store.
😊 Follow up to guarantee satisfaction.

(and of course ask for a simple 5-star review…in a friendly way)

You have something to offer your community and I guarantee they are looking for it as well. Everyone loves food and it is your main duty to let the world know how amazing your restaurant really is. However, keep in mind that this takes strategy and tactics to make this possible.

Building your sales process can take some time at a table to brainstorm and implement. You have to carefully choose the right platforms and balance out tools and cost. More than that, creating content is easily a 7-person job so time management is definitely involved.

For restaurant owners there is a handful of production to think about that turns into a powerhouse for content. Having processes, messaging, and focus is the recipe to thrive and guarantee your customers are thriving too.

You know, it is all about the community especially when it comes to food. Let’s really face facts, the customer experience starts online. Either on the phone to look up reviews and information or using the desktop to get a full understanding of what your restaurant offers.

Making sure you have a strong website and social media presence is a game-changer.

Putting together content for a restaurant to attract and close a deal has many moving parts along with deadlines and quality of work. With a good process in place, a team can move efficiently hold the vision of a company.

This vision is the brand and integrity. Representing the face of a company can seem intimidating, however Quartz Digital Marketing knows what you need to make it happen.

You may have much of this in place already, by adding a process and creating leverage, you are able to increase revenue.

🎯 Attract new customers by casting a huge net of AWARENESS
Through word of mouth, advertising, google search (and google my business), social media, blog traffic, and more.

πŸ”ˆ Inform customers and bring them straight to your place of business.
The second phase happens once the buyer is aware, they see the benefit, and now they are interested. This is the part of the funnel where we want to capture their information so we can send out deals and promotions.

βœ… The customer is sold because your business is amazing.
The third phase happens when the buyer orders online, buys from you or eats at your restaurant. Using the right tools and promotions will make your business thrive.

😊 The customer is satisfied so ask for referrals or reviews!
This is the perfect touchpoint to make sure they are satisfied with the current product and service. Quartz digital marketing can make this happen in a fun and creative way through emails, text messages, and more.

The Breakdown:


  • Letting people know you exist
  • Reach as many people as possible online
  • Bringing users to your website or landing page
  • Having users engage with your posts
  • Giving users a good ordering experience online and in-store
  • Asking more questions about product or service

So what type of communication helps bring people into your restaurant?

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Google and Facebook Advertising
  • SMS Message
  • Strong Website Presence

Takes Action:

  • Fills out form online or provides Information in-store
  • Uses trial of a services
  • Takes a sample of food


  • Buys product online or in-store


  • Ask for a review
  • Loyalty Program
  • The Breakdown

Restaurant Sales Funnel may seem complex and our mission at QDM is to make gaining new customers and retaining existing ones as simple as possible.

The reason we focus on the sales funnel is so that we can see exactly where we stand at each stage of the customer and the business.

Why is your restaurant sales funnel so important? Imagine having an amazing restaurant but the only people who know that you are there is your direct neighbor. Communities are always looking for a new and exciting place to dine in. Bringing awareness to your place of business takes creative communication to let the community know who you are and what you offer.

Take another look at the sales funnel.
First phase is when buyer is aware.
Second phase is the buyer gives information.
Third phase is when the user orders from you.
Fourth phase is to follow-up on satisfaction.

With the Food and Beverage industry, choosing your platforms is huge for inbound marketing. Here are some popular ones to consider:


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