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Contact Quartz Digital Marketing and talk to us about what strategy makes the most sense for your current model. Our services are versatile and flexible to suit your current goals. 

Interactive Website

Siteground Hosting, WordPress + Woo Commerce Dashboard, Divi Themes, Security, Domains, SEO, Opt-In Forms, Parallax Design, and more.

What you get

Your website is the face of your business. It enables your future and current clients to find exactly what they are looking for and easily contact you along with staying in touch with your brand. It needs to have the exact features for you to optimize the user experience and ultimately boosting sales. 

QDM creates a secure website for your company to be equipped with that makes your sales process fully functional for you and the customer.

  • Impressive Templates
  • New Copy & Graphics
  • Plugin Ability
  • SEO Integration
  • Public Launch
  • Capture and Convert 
  • Grow Your Brand
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Dynamic Content
  • Refreshing User Experience
  • Professional Look
  • Let the website do the talking

Website Maintenance + Hosting 

Always have a safe and secure set of eyes on your website. QDM will cover everything in your WordPress backend including:

  • Periodic checks and updates of the site
  • Antivirus protection
  • Site security
  • Monthly backup
  • Files + database
  • 24/7 Support: email + live chat
  • Real time site monitoring
  • Optional – Hosting Services
  • Free move from another provider
  • Content update, frontend and backend changes, installation of new modules and functionalities

      Landing Pages

      Segment each product with a landing page. This gives you the ability to cater to your audience with paid advertising, improve SEO, and build funnels. Provide the best information possible with dedicated landing pages.

      Our team creates landing pages quickly by using the QDM recipe. This is how it works:

        • Choose Template
        • Create Collateral (Images and messaging)
        • Sync forms to CRM system
        • Review/Update landing page
        • Publish landing page
        • Run ads and use for a call-to-action

    Paid Advertising

    Google | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

    Start Today

    Brings awareness to your customers with a simple google search or show up instantly on a newsfeed of your ideal customer. 

    QDM will create your account, curate your campaigns, and report on results each week. We will target your audience, location, and interest. Maintain delivery and reporting. Tracking is crucial during set up and will be properly tracked and reported. 

    PPC Advertising brings you the most value. The user is directly searching for a company just like yours. Being visible on a direct google search is very successful. QDM will generate leads for your business using the right criteria, keywords, campaigns, and SEO.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Keyword Optimization to enhance overall results.

    Learn More

    Search engine advertising (SEM) puts you directly in front of your audience actively seeking answers to the problems your company solves. 

    This will ensure that your brand stays front and center as your target audience explores their needs and decides on how to best reach their goals. 

    Run SEO maintenance on and off your website and grow your online presence. 

    • Industry & Competitive Research
    • Creating ideal buyer/user
    • persona
    • Keyword research
    • On-Page SEO
    • Off-Page SEO
    • Technical optimization


    Social Media Management

    We have processes in place to make publishing a possible task.

    More Information

    As we make connections, we will have eyes on your online presence. Quartz Digital Marketing will create and post to your main social media platforms.  Fresh and new posts weekly. Be present on the feed and story each week.

    LinkedIn Lead Generation

    Save your sales team time with automation. Connect with the right people and generate a contact list worth broadcasting to.

    Included Services

    – Login, Dashboard, and Reporting
    – LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    – Sales Script to connect and start a conversation
    – Campaign implementation, optimization, and analytics
    – 1000 Enriched Profiles
    – B2B Follow-up Email
    – New LinkedIn Banner for Profile
    – Description created for LinkedIn Profile

    Give your sales team a BOOST. Set the criteria and we will deliver a list of prospects to grow your sales regions. Using Linkedin Sales Navigator, we will run campaigns to find your exact audience. Our automated software will find your audience, connect, endorse, and message.  

    How it works

    1. Connect sales representatives account
    2. Establish automated messaging
    3. Run automated campaigns
    4. Collect data and use to remarket in promotions

    We will generate replies and hand them over to your sales representative to convert and make deals happen.


    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is an effective way to nurture your leads with direct communication on promotions and features.

    See More

    Don’t let your new prospects go to waste. Stay in constant communication with the leads in your CRM database.

    Nurture your leads, build awareness, and convert through successful email marketing. QDM will create and send 1 email per week, and 4 per month to your database. We can also create email automation and drip campaigns per request.

    B2B emails for prospects letting them know the business, service/product, and how to set up a consultation.

    1. Create copy for email and build on platform
    2. Call to action will lead them to a landing page
    3. Prospect will fill out information for a consultation
    4. Owner will follow up on prospect and update status in the CRM 


    Sales Automation

    Trigger automated drip campaigns based on the activity of the user. Do not miss the follow-up.

    How it works

    Capture, Nurture, and Close leads using one platform to automatically follow up on each lead instantly. This is your solution to a fully automated sales process. 

    Automate the sales process, QDM will build out communication workflows so that all leads automatically follow the pipeline. 

    Emails will come from business representatives letting prospects know more about your business, services offered, and ways to schedule appointments.

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