Do you keep wondering how you can stop people from scrolling past your posts on social media? Let’s talk more about this. Does social media still matter in 2022? Here are some reasons you should definitely still consider social media as part of your marketing strategies.

Social media has maintained a positive growth trajectory over the past years, and it’s not dying soon. More than 3.96 billion users have accounts across several networks, and we expect the number to keep growing. It is estimated that by 2025, social media will have an estimate of over 4.4 billion users.

So, don’t get frustrated yet if you delay seeing immediate results. There is a possibility that you have a large number of unresponsive followers. However, a large following on LinkedIn or Instagram doesn’t count if you can’t funnel it through your services. The best way to turn unresponsive followers into potential customers is by actively engaging.

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Curious to know the top hacks to boost social media engagement so that you can grow a customer base?
Let’s not delay you. 

Offer giveaways that transform your follower’s lives

Offering giveaways is the best strategy to grow your social media account in a short time. They’re budget-friendly and can increase brand awareness fast. By giving away free stuff, you build trust with lots of people, helping you generate more leads for your business.

Offering freebies is like booking a permanent free spot in people’s memories. Who doesn’t love free things anyway? Even after the giveaway contest is over, at least 5-6 people are likely to refer others to your business.

Giveaways are often satisfactory to both the receiving and the giving end. However, organize these campaigns wisely to avoid losses. Offer giveaways with a specific goal and concentrate on it. If it is growing your social following, then focus on that. If it’s about building an email list, focus on that. Contact us today to learn more about different giveaway ideas we may have for your business.

Use storytelling as your social media marketing strategy

One marketing strategy that has stayed consistent in delivering the best results is storytelling. Back then, the avenue for telling stories was limited, but now you have so many platforms at your fingertips. To create a good story, you must figure out what the story is all about. You can do it a couple of ways.

Identify the mission that your business is on and consistently tell the story in different ways. Find how you can provide value to your followers through the value and information you offer. For example, I love creating websites and designing them to look intuitive. So, I have to provide value by helping people with my web design skills and inform them the best way to do that.

I can tell a story about my journey and the setbacks I’ve faced. These stories inspire people who were almost giving up on their dream if they had also wanted to take the same path as me. Stories will make you relatable and trusted by many people, even if you’re not the best at your craft.

Post at the right time when people are active 

Posting on social media at the right time can be the difference that makes your posts go viral or disappear in a pool of dead social posts. To maximize on opportunities that social media presents, you need to post your content to as many eyeballs as possible. Figuring out the right time to post on social media can be tricky as people go on different social networks with different intentions.

Let’s begin with Linkedin.

Linkedin is a professional network, and people aren’t scared to log in during working hours. Depending on where your followers are, the timezone might come into play. Generally, the best time for Linkedin would be in the mornings or after lunch. Assuming you have followers in different states, posting at noon eastern time will offer the best reach accounting for those in the far west in LA.

Post on Fridays and Saturdays at noon eastern time

Post on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at noon eastern time

Post on Monday through to Thursday at noon eastern time

Avoid posting on Sundays as the engagement across all social networks is very low.


Use social media polls and questions to boost engagement

Social media polls on Instagram and LinkedIn matter a lot, and here is why. Polls help you interact with customers to find out what they desire. This information helps you to create more targeted content for them.

Sometimes we run out of ideas, and the best way to collect new ones is to ask the consumers directly. 

Sometimes it may not be about losing ideas but letting your customers be part of the family by making them participate.

Polls can be so powerful if used the right way since they open direct interactions with potential customers.

Through interactions, you get to discuss with your potential customers their deepest pain points. Solves these pain points, and you’ll build more trust attracting more customers to your business.

Create actionable content that solves a reader’s problems 

To establish yourself as a thought leader, you must be in a position to solve problems. Telling people how great your product is, is no longer enough. People want to see you demonstrate your expertise so they can trust and rely on you.

Sharing knowledge relevant to your audience helps them become better at their craft. Let’s take the example of a prominent educator, Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. He runs an online program that helps learners master maths, chemistry, physics, and other science subjects, helping them prepare for tests. The information shared on this platform is so invaluable that it has received a lot of philanthropic gains to maintain the business.

Trust helps attract new customers and investors to your business. It also helps retain existing customers, but if you don’t keep it through your services and content that you share, even existing customers find a way out.

Post consistently

Posting consistently on social media can be challenging, especially if you’re juggling different jobs and you also need to maintain your online presence. However, consistent posting separates a page that gains traction from the ones that look abandoned.

Inconsistency is bad for your account as your posts will not rank, affecting your exposure. Use these two tips to help you post consistently on your social media channel.

  • Use a content calendar.

It’s hard to create content daily, so you must figure out a day to do all the content creation. It can be writing Linkedin stories or designing Pinterest pins. Luckily for Pinterest, creating pins takes a short time, and you can make a week’s work within 2 hours.

  • Use scheduling tools

Before choosing a scheduling tool, you should pick a schedule first. You should know how often you’re willing to post within a week without experiencing burnout. Is it once or twice a week, or five times a day? After you’ve figured out a day that works best for you, automate your posting using a scheduling tool.

Respond to all comments on your social media posts 

While you post on social media, your primary goal is to engage with other people. When someone replies to your post, it shows that you’re doing something right, but you need to step up the game. It doesn’t matter whether the comment is good or bad. What matters is gaining their attention to keep them on the platform.

Almost all social media platforms make money by running ads. When you reply to people’s comments on your post, you keep those people on the platform, making them view more ads. The more ad impressions people make, the more money the social network earns. A platform like Twitter will reward you by ranking your post higher, exposing you to a bigger audience.

Replying to comments on social media also helps you build a rapport with your customers. It is your opportunity to portray yourself as friendly and approachable. Most people who have used your services will feel an instant connection.

So, mentor that connection through replies so that you constantly stay on their mind.


Social media marketing presents itself with lots of opportunities if used strategically. The end goal is to generate leads for your business and maintain a healthy culture.

Here is the summary of our top social media hacks to boost engagement.

  1. Offer giveaways that transform your followers’ lives
  2. Use storytelling as your social media marketing strategy
  3. Post at the right time when people are active
  4. Use social media polls and questions to boost engagement
  5. Create actionable content that solves a reader’s problems
  6. Post consistently
  7. Respond to all comments on your social media posts 

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