The human brain normally remembers 7 things at once.

It’s important to know it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed if our task list is over 7 items. Once we can write down daily tasks, we feel less burdened and more accomplished.

We can all agree that work is an ongoing balancing act while keeping a good attitude. There must be a plan to succeed when it comes to personal happiness and work goals. It requires clarity and vision in order to be completely productive.

Download the journal below to keep a good attitude and track of your achievements. As you proceed, you will notice all your accomplishments completed.

Follow this journal Monday through Friday to write down your gratitude, work goals, and personal goals. Let the compound effect come into your life with grace. Use the pen to write down positive words that fulfill your life with happiness and love along with your deepest desires.

Here are ways you can really work this:

  • Don’t hold anything back. 
  • Let the universe work for you. 
  • Allow your heart to fill the pages. 
  • No doubtful thoughts inside.

Enjoy the process and see your life miraculously unfold. Find exercises in this journal to keep your mind focused with the right mindset. Know who you are, be confident in what you do. Once you hit the level of achieving your deepest self, then you become a diamond.

Download Quartz Digital Marketing Success Journal

This file is in PDF format, saved as spreads. You can use this digitally or print it to create your own book. If you would like a custom print order, handmade, please email me.

May you achieve all your goals and grow strong in your career. Personal wealth comes from mind state and the self-worth that you feel within. Knowing who you are is the most valuable tool. Life is abundant and don’t let anyone else limit your dreams.

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