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Marketing Services

The Client is hiring the Contractor to perform any of the following marketing services at any point of time:

– Website development
– Website Hosting
– Copywriting
– Digital Graphics
– Social media
– Search Engine Optimization
– Email Marketing
– LinkedIn Lead Generation


The Contractor will begin work on the date agreed upon. Deadlines are created within the project proposal, then used on a project management system to ensure they are reached.


The Client will pay the Contractor a pre-determined and agreed-upon rate each month for the services provided. Of this, the Client will pay the Contractor before work begins. This is a recurring monthly subscription for a total of (12) twelve months. Signing this contract will authorize credit card payments through stripe for the next twelve months. The payment amount is subject to change based on the marketing services provided.

Payment Terms

Due Upon Scope of Work

The Client will pay the Contractor a monthly rate for the agreed-upon services. Prior to work commencing the Client will make the first month’s payment. The payment amount is subject to change based on the additional scope of services. An addendum contract will be generated for such services.

Billing Frequency

Monthly: From Billing Start Date Invoicing will be made on the first business day of each month and due within 3 business days. 

Card Authorization

The client authorizes the Contractor to automatically charge the credit card or bank account on file. 

Cancellation Fee

The Client may cancel the contract at any time with 15 days’ notice. Refunds will be pro rata less any costs incurred during the billing period. 


If the work is not performed satisfactorily to the Client, the Contractor will take reasonable measures to ensure the work is performed satisfactorily. If work is requested outside the Statement Of Work, additional fees may be assessed.

Independent Contractor

The Client is hiring the Contractor as an independent Contractor. The following statements accurately reflect their relationship:

The Contractor will use its equipment, tools, and material to do the work. The Client will not control how the job is performed daily. Rather, the Contractor is responsible for determining when, where, and how to do the work. The Client and the Contractor do not have a partnership or employer-employee relationship. The Contractor cannot enter into contracts, make promises, or act on behalf of the Client. The Contractor is not entitled to the Client’s benefits (e.g., group insurance, retirement benefits, retirement plans, vacation days). The Contractor is responsible for its taxes. The Client will not withhold social security and Medicare taxes or make payments for disability insurance, unemployment insurance, or workers’ compensation for the Contractor or any of the Contractor’s employees or Entities.

Confidential Information

While working for the Client, the Contractor may come across, or be given, confidential Client information. This is information like customer lists, business strategies, research & development notes, statistics about a website, and other private information. The Contractor promises to treat this information as if it is the Contractor’s confidential information.The Contractor may use this information to do its job under this Contract, but not for anything else. For example, if the Client lets the Contractor use a customer list to send out a newsletter, the Contractor cannot use those email addresses for any other purpose. The one exception is if the Client gives the Contractor written permission to use the information for another purpose, the Contractor may also use the information for that purpose.When this contract ends, the Contractor must give back or destroy all confidential information and confirm that it has done so. The Contractor promises to not share confidential information with a third party unless the Client first gives the Contractor written permission. The Contractor must follow these obligations even after the Contract ends.The Contractor’s responsibilities only stop if the Contractor can show any of the following: (i) that the information was already public when the Contractor came across it; (ii) the information became public after the Contractor came across it, but not because of anything the Contractor did or didn’t do; (iii) the Contractor already knew the information when the Contractor came across it, and the Contractor didn’t have any obligation to keep it secret; (iv) a third party provided the Contractor with the information without requiring that the Contractor keep it a secret; or (v) the Contractor created the information on its own, without using anything belonging to the Client.It’s possible the Client and the Contractor each have access to confidential information that belongs to third parties. The Client and the Contractor each promise that they will not share with the other party confidential information that belongs to third parties unless it is allowed to do so. If the Client or the Contractor is allowed to share confidential information with the other party, the sharing party promises to tell the other party in writing of any special restrictions regarding that information.

Grant Marketing Permissions

For the duration of this Agreement, Customer grants permission to use any current name or logo of Customer in any marketing, sales, public relations or financial materials. The client allows the contractor permission to use the work product as part of portfolios and websites, in galleries, and in other media, so long as it is to showcase the work and not for any other purpose. The Client does not give permission to sell or otherwise use the work product to make money or for any other commercial use. The Client is not allowed to take back this license, even after the Contract ends.


Social Media

ALL POSTS WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE CLIENT PRIOR TO BEING POSTED FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. The client allows Contractor to read, write and respond to Social Media messages on Client’s behalf and does so under good faith that Contractor is acting in a professional manner.  



Independent Contractor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Client and its directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any action, claim, demand or liability, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, arising from or relating to: (i) Independent Contractor’s breach of this Agreement; (ii) the negligence or willful misconduct of Independent Contractor; or (iii) any allegation that the Independent Contractor caused injury and/or damage to any third Person (“Person” is defined as any individual, corporation, company, partnership, government or any other entity). Independent Contractor agrees that Client shall have the right to participate in and control the defense of any such claim through counsel of its own choosing at the expense of Independent Contractor.



CLIENT OWNS ALL WORK PRODUCT AS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CONTRACT. As part of this contract, the Contractor creates a work product for the Client. To avoid confusion, the work product is the finished product, as well as drafts, notes, materials, mockups, hardware, designs, inventions, patents, code, and anything else that the Contractor works on, whether before the date of this Contract or after. The Contractor shall turn over all work product immediately upon the Client’s request. The Contractor has no rights to the work product and the Client will be the sole owner of all work product.

Grant Marketing Permissions

For the duration of this contract and with the express permission of the Client, the Contractor may use the Client’s name or logo in any marketing, sales, public relations or financial materials.