The sales funnel has been talked about in marketing and sales for a long time, and there is a good reason. The sales funnel your company creates is a roadmap for the whole team.

The sales funnel is a map to show your team what your future customers goes through to become a customer and to stay a customer. The funnel is a reference that explains how the marketing and sales process works completely from start to finish.

If your team is not onboard with your sales funnel, then you can create gaps in your system. Your sales team should know the exact steps to take at each point of the user journey. Once your team fully understands how the sales process works your conversion rates will reach a new height. The sales funnel is great for all businesses and all industries.

It is a process when future customers are attracted to your business online through some type of content. When a business creates valuable content, the user then takes action by filling out a form on a landing page. Once they fill out a form, you have their phone number and email to reach out with a regular email (person-to-person) or a promotional email from the company.

After the user goes through the sales funnel, ideally they become a customer. Take a look at a basic sales funnel roadmap below:

Online is infinite and limitless. There is so much we can do, and it can become overwhelming. That is why we have created a marketing strategy to keep your team on track. We will offer a comprehensive top-of-the-funnel marketing plan for the next year.